A bride smiles happily in her wedding gown as she holds her bouquet.

Shopping for a wedding dress is supposed to be fantastic. You sip champagne. You giggle with your friends. You find the perfect dress. Everybody tells you that you are gorgeous. The End. But sometimes it just doesn't go this way. Wedding dress shopping is often overloaded with emotions and expectations. Here are five simple rules to follow to make your experience positive and fun!

  1. Bring people who love you. Keep the crowd small and kind. You are going to want honesty, but not the "brutal" type. The bridesmaid that hasn't said one nice thing during all of the events? She can stay at home. Besides, you know that expression about too many cooks in the kitchen? The same goes for bridesmaids in a boutique.
  2. Hate the dress, not yourself. Some dresses are not going to look spectacular on you. They just aren't. Dresses are not designed for every body type to be able to rock them equally. So, for heaven's sake, blame the unforgiving drop-waist and not your body. Try to be objective in identifying what isn't working with each dress and search out dresses with more flattering options.
  3. Be willing to try on dresses the consultant suggests. Yes, you came armed with your top ten favorite dress choices, but these people see nothing but taffeta 24/7. They know what they are talking about. Dresses look different on a hanger than on you, so be willing to try a few dresses on that they recommend, even if you wouldn't have given them a second glance on your own.
  4. Bring your sense of humor. Everyone (from the consultants to your mother) will love you more if you are charming and willing to laugh at the situation. Plus, if you are smiling and laughing, you will feel better. So, even if this day isn't going your way, do not let the snotty, ugly, self-conscious version of you (that we all have, btw) out in public. Just don't.
  5. It isn't the end of the world if you don't find a dress today. This dress is most likely costing you more than you have ever plunked down for any dress, ever (let alone, one that you are going to wear once). So unless you are hightailing it for Vegas on the evening flight, you don't need a dress today. If you aren't finding what you want, don't feel pressured into buying something. Come back another day or go to another shop.

Just remember, this day is supposed to be fun. Your wedding dress should make you feel special and beautiful. Don't settle for anything less.


Photo Credit: Kristyn Hogan Photography