I'm not going to lie to you, I love myself a girly ruffle. And it seems to me that there is no better time for pulling out the pretty than right around your wedding. Whether you're adding a ruffled necklace to your shower outfit, decking your bridesmaids out in these killer peony dresses from Quail Bridal or adding a ruffle-y heel to your wedding dress, it's a feminine way to let the world know here comes the bride.

Inspiration board full of ruffled clothing items, shoes, lingerie and desert trays.

Peony bridesmaid dress: Quail Bridal
Ruffle necklace (with DIY instructions!): Ruffles and Stuff
Cake stand: Vessels and Wares
Unicorn heel shoes: ModCloth
Ruffle purse: Piper Lime
Heels with ruffle ankle strap: Coclico
Ruffle bra: Anthropologie