I absolutely fell in love with Australian designer Johanna Johnson when I stumbled upon her stunning veils and headpieces last year. After seeing her new wedding dress collection, I can officially say this is not a brief dalliance; no, this, folks, is the real thing - long-lasting lust. (She now ships worldwide so it's safe to lust away!)

Because it feels like she has done the impossible, which is make glamorous look easy. Like you could just throw on one of her wedding dresses, add some red lipstick and be ready for whatever the day holds, whether it be by beach, garden or museum. You can be totally glam while still feeling comfortable and moving around freely...

I love that her designs have an undercurrent of 1920's inspiration (so hot right now) even without ever delving into costume-y. And those necklaces? Can you say, statement piece that totally completes the look?

You all know I love me some tulle and a big skirt, yet even her ball gown-esque dresses have an understated feel to them, don't they?
I had to include this short dress because it is absolute beach perfection. Or second-dress-for-the-evening perfection. Or even really-cool-bridesmaids'-dress perfection. I just need somebody to please go and buy it.
You can see Johanna Johnson's full collection (this is just a snippet!) over at her site under "Templar."