embellished and textured evening gowns


There are plenty of reasons to rock a non-traditional wedding dress. Although, for the record, you really don't need a reason. You are allowed to wear absolutely anything you want on your wedding day, from rolled up jeans to a ridiculously large princess gown. But here is a collection of dresses for those of you that don't want to walk down the aisle in something "bridal" and white.  For those of you on the fence, check out our list of most common reasons to select something non-traditional.

You don't love how you look in white. 

Not all of us look glowy and perfect in white. Some of us just look pale and sickly. If you would prefer to wear a tried-and-true color that has always served you well, you should.  Embrace your favorite color and find your dream dress, even if it looks absolutely nothing like a wedding dress.

non-traditional boho wedding dresses


Your venue doesn't really lend itself to a formal dress.  Getting married in the sand in Hawaii? Or at a rustic yoga retreat in the mountains?  Or maybe that field of flowers where he proposed?  Yeah, it's going to be hard to get down that particular aisle in a mermaid gown. Find a dress that will make you feel beautiful in your surroundings. A flowy boho style (above, left) would be perfect for that yoga retreat, and I am dying over this black floral number (below, left) for a Hawaiian wedding.

casual non-traditional wedding dresses


This isn't your first wedding.  Of course, it doesn't matter if this is your first wedding or your tenth, your dress is completely your prerogative. But a lot of second-time-around brides don't want a repeat dress. They want something more distinguished and less fluffy.  These two options below are ideal because they aren't too alternative--they are neutral colors and familiar silhouettes, but they are definitely not for the traditional bride.

neutral non-traditional wedding dresses
red crushed velvet evening gown


You march to the beat of your own drum, thankyouverymuch.  You enjoy the spotlight and a showstopping dress, and we applaud that!  For you, the dress that will make you feel your best is something completely original and maybe even a little but brave.  I'm in love with the idea of a Downton Abbey-inspired gown (above) or something absolutely covered in gorgeous colored sequins (below) for those brides that want to stand out.

shimmery sequined evening gowns
strapless non-traditional wedding dresses

You're just too practical to buy a dress and only wear it once.  Why would you wear your most favorite dress only one time?  That's just crazy, right?  Select a dress that feels special, but not so bridal that you can't wear it to another formal event. For younger brides, a simple, well-made strapless dress will serve them well (above) as a wardrobe staple. Also, we think this one-shoulder cream and silver dress (below, right) would look pretty spectacular no matter what the venue.

neutral non-traditional wedding dresses
watercolor-inspired wedding dress


You adore prints and patterns.  I know women that haven't worn a solid color for years. It's a part of their signature style. Why stray from that just because it's your wedding day?  This season is full of gorgeous floral and watercolor patterns that won't have any of your guests missing traditional white.

watercolor-inspired wedding dress


You spent too much time at the gym to cover yourself in a princess gown.  Oh, you Samanthas of the world! How I admire your confidence!  Gliding down the aisle in something slinky and sexy is the best possible way for you to shine. Want to keep it body-con, but don't want to stray too far into stereotypical Vegas elopement?  Keep it long, solid, and because the dress is so fitted, don't opt for a super deep V neck or thigh-high slit.

slinky non-traditional wedding dresses


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