While all aspects of a wedding are a reflection of the bride and groom, nothing obviously makes a bigger statement about the bride than her wedding dress. It's such a beautiful representation of her sense own sense of style and personality. And, as we all know, there are plenty of options to be had!

If you're a bride of the vintage, bohemian, Eco, or artistically-inclined, then Salvage Life may just have the dress you're looking for. Based out of Long Beach, California, owner Beth Giles uncovers lush vintage finds with the idea to discourage wastefulness and promote sustainable buying practices. And, given that tradition would have you wearing something "old" on your wedding day, what could be better than vintage? Plus, on a day when your heart will be full with love for friends, family, and, of course, your new husband, why not show a little love to Mother Earth? You could even say you'd be wearing your heart on your sleeve. And, how lovely a fashion statement would that be?