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Snowflake Crown

This sparkly piece is a fabulous choice for a winter bride. Rhinestone snowflakes are placed all along the silver plated band and end in a silver bead detail at every point.

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Crocheted Shawl

Chilly temperatures call for wedding accessories to beat the cold. This beautiful bridal shawl is handmade and can rest delicately over your shoulders at your ceremony or on your way out the door.

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Snowy Sparkle

You'll sparkle just like newly fallen snow in this veil. This glistening fingertip length wedding veil is made with tons of shimmer!

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winter bride in cape
Photo: Pinterest

Bridal Cape

Superheros aren't the only ones who can wear capes! Rock this one at your winter wonderland nuptials.

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Berry Details

Wedding accessories don't have to be white and sparkly to make a statement. Adding seasonal berries, evergreen and other foliage will give you the winter look you're going for.

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dramatic faux fur hat
Photo: Sophia Tolli

Furry Headgear

This furry head wrap is one of a kind and is sure to make you feel like an ice queen on your big day.

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glittering pink nails
Photo: Pinterest

Nails That Shine

Stumped on what to do with your nails for your nuptials? A little glitter on top of a neutral or pale shade will go a long way.

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Fuzzy Feet

Fifty percent sassy, fifty percent sexy, these shoes will complement your dancing feet perfectly.

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Snowflake Garter

This delicate and unique snowflake garter set will be the perfect accent. It will definitely shimmer in the air once the groom throws it.

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Snowflaked Updo

Add a few snowflakes to top off your updo with lots of sparkle and shine. This snowflake hair comb will hold your hair in place as you dance the night away. Plus, they're stylish and this trendy hair piece can be worn well beyond your wedding day.