When I got married my bridesmaids were scattered literally across the globe (my sister-in-law was the farthest in Australia) so getting everyone together to go dress shopping was just not an option. I circumvented it by letting everyone choose their own dresses but what if I'd had plans to have everyone in the same dress? It could have been a logistical nightmare of epic proportions! Fortunately, Weddington Way has just arrived on the scene, taking the need for bridal party proximity out of the equation.

The brain child of a pair of friends who have been both brides and bridesmaids, Weddington Way aims to take the stress out of bridesmaid dress hunting by moving the process online. Rather than trying to get everyone together to head to the shops for a marathon negotiation session, brides instead can (leisurely) shop their extensive collection of dresses, put together their faves and then send them off to their wedding party for opinions and voting.

Once everyone's agreed on the final dress, brides can then track the bridesmaids' order statuses (and give a gentle nudge when needed) rather than obsess over whether everyone's actually put in their order and wonder if it's weird to call to check yet again (ahem, I would never do anything like that...).

So smart and organized, don't you think? Now if they could just do the same for getting the groomsmen on the same page...