With so many beautiful wedding dresses out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are the most enticing and the ones that suit your own style perfectly.  With Justin Alexander dresses, we're here to help you figure out if you are a sparkly glam or simply chic bride.

Do you love all things sparkly and shimmery?  Are there visions in your head of you floating down the aisle, the light reflecting off your sequined beading?  Is your style icon Elizabeth Taylor?  If so, you are probably a sparkly glam bride. You love a little touch of luxury and dazzle. Pick dresses that have glittering beads throughout the dress, particularly around the bodice (below).  Style with chandelier earrings and a gorgeous veil to add to the drama.


Do you prefer looks that are a little more understated?  In the Betty vs. Veronica debate, do you always side with Betty?  If your definition of sophistication is more Olivia Pope than Victoria Grayson, you should embrace the natural elegance of being a simply chic bride. Look for dresses with streamlined (and well-tailored) silhouettes, lace, and feminine detailing (such as the sweetheart neckline featured below).  Pair dresses with subdued jewelry with one statement piece (like a sparkling tennis bracelet) from being too plain.