What are the proper questions I should be asking my Bridal Consultant during my gown fitting?

Bridal Fashion Expert, RoseLynn Micari-Fiumara's Answer:

Brides looking for the perfect gown should ask some important questions that many brides don't think about until it is time to have fittings. Don't wait until it is too late!! Ask about the fabric:
Will it wrinkle immediately? All fabrics wrinkle but some are wrinkled before you get out of the limo!

Ask about the fit and your body:
What style is best for my body? Don't be afraid to try on what the consultant suggests even if it is not your idea of the perfect gown at first glance. Many times an experienced consultant can show you what will look best on your body. Brides get ideas about what looks pretty in the magazines and on the wedding websites, but those gowns are often modeled by women with a less than attainable body type. Yes, there are real life brides like that too, but most of us look like normal people of varying shape, heights, skin tones and sizes. The pictures always look great in the ads. The most important thing is to find the gown that makes you look your absolute best! You want to accentuate your best features and disguise the areas that are your least favorite!

Ask about the bustle:
The bustle is how the train of the gown gets picked up so the gown is easier to dance in and walk with. An experienced consultant should be able to show you (depending on style) the appropriate bustles for that gown. From these choices, make a note or take a picture of how you want it to look. This way you can remember which bustle you liked and show the fitter. Some brides have no idea what the bustle will look like until it is too late! Remember that you are bustled most of your reception, so you need to like what it does for you and your gown.

Ask about what veil or accessories you will be wearing:
Find out what will match or complement your overall look. You don't want to look overdone so make sure you are choosing accessories that enhance your gown. Ask about special accessory trunk shows and events. You can get special pricing and make a fun evening out of it!

Ask what trends are hot:
Make sure you know what the trends are. Then you can decide if you want to go with a passing trend, avoid a fad and go for a classic look, or incorporate a bit of both.

Ask about appropriate style for your venue and your date:
Are you having a black-tie wedding on a Saturday night or are you having an afternoon vineyard ceremony? Tell your consultant how many guests, where you are having the wedding, and the vision for your theme. All of these factors should be reflected in your gown choice.

Ask about delivery:
Each designer has a different turnaround time for their gowns to be manufactured. Make sure you ask your consultant for the average delivery time. Things may vary, but it is important that you have an estimated time of arrival.

Ask about the alteration fees and bustling fees:
Some salons set an alteration maximum that will be charged for the seamstresses work the on the gown. Most also charge a fee for the bustling of the train. Some charge a flat rate, no matter what it needed. I have even heard some salons are now charging for storage and pressing. All of these fees should be disclosed and on your contract. Make sure you have everything in writing. Don't assume anything is included and don't assume you can have your fittings any day you want. Check in advance the fitting schedule and times the seamstresses are available. Ask questions so you know what to expect, and can budget and schedule appointments accordingly.

The bridal gown shopping part of your wedding can be stressful for some brides. Knowing the right questions to ask your consultant should help you get the information you need and allow for a happy and enjoyable experience! Let the quest begin! Good luck!