Elizabeth & Steve

The Ceremony + FAQ Regarding Attire

Our wedding ceremony will be held outside (weather permitting), a casual ceremony in front of the lake. We plan to borrow part of the traditional Quaker wedding. It is custom in Quaker ceremonies to have a period of time for those in attendance to give blessings, prayers, readings, or advice to the couple. Messages may be literal or metaphorical, and about anything appropriate to the joy of the occasion -— love, family, marriage, life, or what you will.
We ask that you keep messages brief, but invite any and all who would like to participate.

We have been asked about dress code for the weekend.... Please don't worry about dress- we don't mind if you wear jeans/shorts/teeshirts as long as you are comfortable and there to celebrate with us! That being said, the men in the wedding are wearing khakis and no suit coats. The bridesmaids are wearing sundresses- as is the bride. Heels really won't work on the grass, so not recommended unless you wish to aerate their lawn!