Ryan & Elle

Getting There & Around

Flying to LA

For those who will choose to stay close to Riley's Farm in Oak Glen, we recommend flying into the Ontario or Palm Springs Airports. Both are only a 30-40 minute drive to your hotel and the wedding site. Check prices for each, because there have been some pretty competitive rates into Palm Springs!

For those of you who prefer to take advantage of your SoCal trip and grab some sunshine on the beach, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) located in Westchester will be your best bet. From there, you will have easy access to the beach towns of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and beyond!

As you may know, however, traffic in Los Angeles can be pretty intense. Please bear this in mind if you are making arrangements to fly into LAX, particularly on Friday. The route from LAX will take you directly across downtown, and due to commuter traffic, you can expect that a drive from LAX to Oak Glen during Friday rush hour (usually 3-7pm) could take up to 3 hours or more. We highly suggest checking real-time traffic updates such as those on Google Maps for the most accurate estimate of travel-time and using a traffic-smart navigator to determine the best driving route. In our experience, good music, pleasant company, and a California zen attitude are usually the best tools to cope with these traffic-ridden drives!

One More Thing

Please be aware that there are two Riley's - one is Riley's Apple Farm (not the venue) and Riley's Farm (the venue). The map above is linked to the correct one, so please use it for your navigational needs.

Additionally, for those attending the Rehearsal Dinner, there are two Serendipity's. The correct one is Serendipity Bed and Breakfast located at 11520 Green Ln., Oak Glen, CA. Follow the signs posted on Oak Glen Road.

Driving from LA

We recommend taking the 10 East (past Redlands) and exiting on Live Oak Canyon Rd, then making a left toward Oak Glen Rd. Continue on Oak Glen Rd for 12.5 scenic miles, and then look for the white and red Riley's Farm sign on the left! From there, follow the signs up to the barn and parking.

Please be aware that cell phone service is spotty in the mountains, especially for AT&T. If you are planning to use your phone for GPS navigation, we recommend reviewing and or printing the map and directions beforehand to avoid getting lost!

Riley's Farm


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