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Art Nouveau

Though traditional cushion engagement rings are usually set squarely on the band, this exquisite ring is oriented sideways, in a diamond shape. The rest of it, however, is as classic as can be, with a vintage rose gold setting and sizable halo.

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Simple Halo

A ring any girl would say "yes" to, this cushion cut diamond gets a lot of extra glitter from the halo and the eternity band. Far from "bling-bling," this is engagement ring is still a perfect example of a delicate and feminine choice.

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elongated cushion cut diamond engagement ring champagne bottle
Photo: TWO by London

Shapely Stunner

What is it that makes this breathtaking ring so appealing? It's most likely the slightly elongated cushion cut diamond which gives an illusion of long tapered fingers, plus its thin band of diamonds. Who wouldn't like to show off this kind of engagement ring magic?

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Anna Sheffield is known for her vintage inspired alternative designs. Here she takes a cushion-cut diamond and inverts it before placing it on a traditional rose gold setting. The result is an out of the ordinary and slightly edgy engagement ring which even conservative brides would love.

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simple yellow gold cushion cut solitaire engagement ring
Photo: Ruby Lane

Cut the Fluff

Sometimes the most basic options are the most stunning and that point is proven by this cushion-cut engagement ring. The single diamond doesn't need any additional adornment to stand out from other ring options. A symbol of timelessness and grace, the lucky girl who receives this ring is sure to feel showered with affection.

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cushion cut citrine gemstone engagement ring
Photo: By Laris


Gemstone engagement rings have been rising in popularity and citrine, the birthstone of November, can be a stunning replacement for the traditional diamond. We love the look of the new trend with a nod to old-school form, the cushion cut.

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alternative anne sportun cushion cut halo diamond engagement ring
Photo: Anne Sportun

Up to Interpretation

Marriage is all about defining your relationship with your significant other and the engagement ring is a great place to start. The designer of this ring decided to go with her own interpretation of a cushion cut engagement ring, further proof that you shouldn't be afraid to give your love its own unique style.

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Antique Adornmentss

If the minimalist halo rings of today don't quite suit your fancy, you might want to go hunting for a splendid antique version. This cushion-cut white gold engagement ring has just the right amount of glitz and glamour without looking like a cocktail ring. We love the fact that it has a past--we wonder what love stories it could tell...

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sparkling cushion cut diamond engagement ring pave eternity band
Photo: Jean Dousset

Sparkle Station

Though most say that round cut diamonds have the most sparkle, cushion cut engagement rings have a lot of personality, too. And when you find a cushion cut diamond with this kind of brilliance you'll be happy you made the effort.

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Blinding Bling

Tiffany & Co. knows what it's doing, and this ring shows it. Big and bold without being gaudy or overwhelming, the master strikes again and leaves an incredible cushion-cut diamond ring in its wake.