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Morning Motivation

Give the kick-start their day deserves with the eye-opening effects of this java-infused skincare set. The set will nourish and repair skin using green coffee, one of nature's most powerful antioxidants, while providing a gentle exfoliation of roasted beans. ($82; uncommongoods.com)

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An Artisanal View

For the couple that really means business, get this pour-over set that's as unique as they are. Complete with kettle, server and dripper, this handmade set is the epitome of fashion meets function. ($115.09; artisansmith.com)

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For the Couple On-the-Go

This growler carrier easily attaches to fit under the seat (rather than bumping the knees!) for coffee lovers that always seem to be on the go. Thanks to this nifty pick, couples can stop at their favorite shop to fill up on cold brew before the picnic! ($35; etsy.com)

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Just Add Rum

Brew up your morning cup with a kick using this DIY infusion kit. Couples can now make their own rich & smooth java liqueur using their favorite beans. Simply supply your favorite rum and the rest is at your fingertips. White Russians, anyone? ($15-$35; uncommongoods.com)

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Impress with the Best

Little known fact: coffee is best consumed out of a glass mug. This is because glass is one of the only materials that is absolutely not porous, and therefore won't alter the flavor. We're sure you'll surprise your caffeine-loving friends with a set of these double-insulated finds! ($14.95; crateandbarrel.com)

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Enough to Share

Want to get your favorite couple a gift you can enjoy too? Why not a gift to brew for a crew! A Chemex is the perfect gift for young couples because you can specialty brew for 2-10 people, making it perfect for a post-dinner party treat. ($43.50; chemexcoffeemaker.com)

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Take it Down a Notch

Not sure this couple is ready for a full on pour over set? An Aeropress is arguably one of the best at-home brew methods. It's easy to clean, lightweight, and perfect for home or camping use. ($29.95; aeropress.com)

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

If your friends are true java lovers, they know of Blue Bottle, a California-original coffee shop that is all the rage for java aficionados. Give this fine couple the gift that keeps on giving with their own modified bean subscription. Simply go to the page to find which program works best for their lifestyle. They'll love the nice brew delivered to their door. ($14-$16; bluebottlecoffee.com)

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A Busy Body's Caffeination

If your couple simply doesn't seem to have the time to commit to a full 12-hour brew, hook them up with a case of these ready-to-drink cold brews. ($48; chameleoncoldbrew.com)

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Photo: Blue Bottle Coffee

An Accessible Approach

This Blue Bottle Craft book contains anything and everything you need to know about coffee from start to finish. The book also includes more than 30 inventive pastry recipes to pair with your morning cup. Not to mention it makes for a great java. ($24.99; bluebottlecoffee.com)

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So that's How You Brew Coffee

Finally – a cohesive view of all preferred brewing methods. Help them fill their walls with this diagram of the various ways to brew this wonderful life-giving substance. ($29; popchartlab.com)