dog with engagement ring
Photo: How He Asked

Pets are beloved friends and family members. When it comes to our biggest moments, we want them with us. So, when you want to pop the question, it's a perfect time to let your pet give you a helping paw. Here are a few tips to marriage proposals with the assistance of your pet.

Know Your Pet

Does your dog only really sit when he wants to, and your attempts at training usually futile? Or is your pet a super smarty-pants that can tackle any challenge? Don't trust the all-important ring or such a momentous occasion solely to a pet that prefers to march to the beat of his own drum.

If you are proposing somewhere your pet has never been, such as a local park, there's always a chance that he could run off the second he smells a squirrel for the first time. When it comes to a pet-driven proposal, we think it's generally best for the pet to be in a familiar and easily controlled environment.

dog with marriage proposal on collar tag
Photo: Christina Karst

How "Mischievous" Pets Can Still Be Involved

Okay, so you've got a puppy or a kitten that has been known to be a part of many troublemaking stunts. You love him, but you know he will always choose the mischievous route. While you know you aren't going to trust this little darling with the bling, you can still involve them. Have them sport a new collar tag that pops the question for you.

cat plays with diamond engagement ring
Photo: Caroline + Ben Photography

Not Just Dogs

Even though dogs are the most common buddies for marriage proposals, any animal can take part in the fun. Her cat might love to play with that sparkly diamond a little too much, or her bunny might find it a bit tasty, so watch out. But either way, at least take a few cute photos of her beloved pet with her new ring.

personalized dog collar with marriage proposal
Photo: Not on the High Street

Saving the Day with a Faux Ring

If you really want the pet to bring her the ring, consider a faux ring for the proposal. Many couples wait to buy the engagement ring together, so have some fun and purchase a hilariously large plastic bauble for the big question. Attach it to the dog's collar so that Fido can bring it in at the perfect moment.

dog as ring bearer at shabby chic wedding
Photo: Laura Murray

A Continuation of their Role

The best way to reward your pet for their help in the proposal is to give them a starring role in the wedding. String a ring pillow with a secure pocket to their collar or leash. Your best friend will make sure he gets that ring down the aisle in style.