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funny engagement announcement
Photo: JulieAnnArt

Funny Postal Annoucement

Step away from the Insta-worthy pics of you and your new fiance. Instead, why not just send some cute (and maybe a little NSFW) cards announcing your impending big day? It takes the pressure off taking a picture beforehand, and keeps your guests laughing.

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Artsy Annoucement

Sometimes engagement announcement ideas try too hard to be romantic. Instead of forcing the romance on camera, why not integrate a quirky piece of romantic decor into the pic? Keep the announcement simple, artistic, and quirky, while also being Instagrammable!

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Hot Sauce engagement announcement
Photo: Popsugar

Taco Sauce Annoucements

Nothing says love like tacos, right? When searching for engagement announcement ideas, nothing says creativity like tacos either. So why not take some adorable Taco Bell hot sauce and tell the world you're getting married? It's cute, funny, and delightfully weird.

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Puppy Annoucement
Photo: Amy Bradford

Bring in the Dogs!

Your dogs are like family, so why not incorporate them in one of the biggest days of your life? If your new fiance also has a dog, make it truly a family affair with both pups in the pic. Just be careful, dogs are known to steal the spotlight!

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Photo: Weddzer


Get fun with your engagement announcement ideas by incorporating some Scrabble tiles! This is especially perfect if you and your new fiance are total word nerds.

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Lego Annoucement

Who says your engagement announcement can't also give a shout out to one of your favorite films? Whether it's an action figure or Lego figures, this is a cute twist on the traditional engagement shoot.

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Pokemon Engagement Announcement

Be the very best when it comes to your engagement announcement ideas and show of your new bling in an adorable little Pokeball! Your older relatives might not get it, but it's too fun an idea to pass up!

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Bookish engagement announcement
Photo: Judy Pak

Bookish Engagement

Hit up your favorite indie bookshop and take a picture that shows off your newly engaged status as well as some of your favorite books. You can even pick up a few and work them into your wedding decor on your big day!

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Get Animated!

You want to be animated in your engagement announcement, so why not take that literally? Ask your photographer to add in characters from your favorite cartoon or comic book to add a bit of whimsy to your announcement!

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Lightsaber Engagement Announcement
Photo: The Goodness

Get Silly

Don't be afraid to get silly! Bringing weaponry from a more civilized time might be a bit too out there for your wedding, but it's perfect for an engagement shoot. When else can you and your new partner wield a light saber without strange looks?