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engagement card 1
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He Put a Ring On It

Before she's officially a Mrs., congratulate her new relationship status with a chic option like this. It's just another way to gawk at her new rock.

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For the Happy Couple

If you've been friends with the couple for a long time, give them a card that acknowledges the both of them. It's a whimsical way to wish them a happy engagement or just a great addition to their wedding present.

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Did Someone Say Cocktail Hour?

Looking for something more humorous? Make her LOL with a card that expresses your excitement for her upcoming nuptials and cocktail hour.

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Growing Old Together

Wish them a lifetime of happiness with this sweet note. It's sentimental and silly all at once.

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engagement card 5
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Pretty in Pastels

If you're not sure exactly how to tell her congratulations, keep it simple with a pretty little number like this. 

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engagement card 6
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Just Friends

There's nothing quite as appropriate as a Friends reference honoring your BFF's engagement. Congratulate her on finding her lobster with this colorful engagement card.

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New Bling

Say what's on everyone's mind when they see her new engagement ring. This bold pick is the perfect way to show your appreciation for her new bling (and lets him know he did a great job shopping for it).

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From Her Cool Single Friend

Nothing says love like a sparkling new engagement ring or, you know, indulging in a jar of hazelnut spread. Send her this cheeky card to let her know how happy you are for her.

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engagement card 9
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Pretty Serious, Huh?

There's an engagement card out there for everyone. If you're not the mushy type of person, this one is just for you. 

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engagement card 10
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Geek Chic

Throw in a pun and a classic Star Wars reference for the engaged lady with a slightly nerdy side. 

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Just Plain Romantic

Say it with loud colors! The soon-to-be newlyweds are sure to love this sentimental stationery.

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For Your Favorite Crazy Cat Lady

Funny and unique, make your BFF giggle with an engagement card that acknowledges her new future.

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