If your sweetheart loves the holiday season, you should definitely consider a proposal during this time of the year. Not only is everyone in a happy, festive mood already, but the twinkling lights, chilly weather, and beautiful decorations are incredibly romantic. Create the perfect holiday engagement story with these 5 easy tips.

The Perfect Holiday Proposal: 6 Tips to Make It Happen
Photo: Zane Mulligan

  1. Let the season enhance your proposal, not overshadow it. If you're picturing a romantic moment by the fire with the Christmas lights twinkling in the background, you're on the right track. However, make sure you strike the right balance between a romantic moment and the holiday setting: too much holiday festivity and not enough romance could leave your soon-to-be-fiancee overwhelmed.
  2. Make sure there's enough light. It might seem like a wonderful idea to propose by the light of your town's big Christmas tree, but, if you have a friend or family member trying to capture the special moment on camera, you might find the pictures too dark. That's definitely not a great way to remember such a wonderful start to your engagement.
  3. Plan around other holiday events. Most people's social calendars are packed from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. Figure out what's going on in your beloved's day planner, so you two have time to revel in your new status as engaged people before jetting off to the next party.
  4. Avoid a big show at the family gift exchange. Even though this seems like a perfect opportunity for a proposal--family is all there, and everyone's excited--your timing might backfire. Not only does proposing during a gift exchange take the spotlight away from all of the other carefully chosen gifts, you might look as if you were trying to monopolize a time shared among an entire group. Every gift is anti-climactic after an engagement ring shows up!
  5. Use the season to your benefit. Pop the question during an ice skating session. Hide the engagement ring box inside a bigger box, and let her open that present early. Have a proposal in the snow while you cut your own Christmas tree. During the holiday season, there are so many traditions and events occurring that you're sure to find the perfect opportunity. Maybe you'll start a new tradition of your own in the process!