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Hats Off to You!

Add some casual fun to your holiday engagement session with cute his-and-her knit hats! If their hats won't keep them warm enough, their love certainly will.

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Classic in Black

If you want a really timeless set of engagement photos, you might want to stick to classic black wool coats. Always chic and elegant, you'll reminiscence over these photos and never have to worry about looking dated. If you want to keep the outfit from looking too somber, accessorize with a patterned scarf or gloves.

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engagement session new York christmas tree puffer vest hunter boots
Photo: Kate Headley

Down Vest

A puffy vest is an ideal outfit choice for an outdoor winter engagement session. You'll have a full range of motion for all the kissing, lifting, and dancing involved without having to smile through the chill.

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winter engagement session red dress black sweater snow
Photo: India Earl

Lady in Red

You won't risk blending into the whiteness of your snowy surroundings if you are wearing an incredible red dress! This scene is so ethereal, almost like a princess meeting her prince in secret. Though she wouldn't be hard to find with her vibrant outfit, no one in their right mind would disturb the beauty of this love.

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evergreen winter flower crown engagement session outfit pine cones
Photo: Bethany Marie

Flower Crown

Make your photo shoot one that evokes feelings of fantasy. Float away from the everyday you by donning a flower crown made of evergreen branches or rattan. It's a lovely way to capture your whimsical nature.

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Basic Plaid

Plaid flannel shirts are to winter engagement sessions what white t-shirts are to summer ones. It's a casual item that you are comfortable in and gives off a warm and cozy vibe. Oh, and the red looks beautiful on a background of evergreen trees and snow!

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winter engagement session white shirt silver long skirt and formal man
Photo: Blush

Strategic Long Skirt

Want to look fancy but don't know what to do about your shoes? Hide them under a glamorous maxi skirt and no one will ever know your dilemma!

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White Coat

You'll be wearing white on your wedding day, so why not set the tone during your engagement session? A white coat is just as attention grabbing as a black one.

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Slouchy Sweaters

Winter is all about snuggling up close to keep warm, so what better outfit for a winter engagement session than a slouchy sweater? It clings to your body in all the right places while adding to an intimate atmosphere that your photographer will love capturing.

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Vibrant Dress

Some of us just like wearing dresses, and if that's you, don't force yourself into leggings or a pair of jeans. Keep the vibe everyday and low-key by wearing a bright, but casual, dress.