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Picturesque Alma Mater Portrait

If you were lucky enough to graduate from a postcard-perfect college, all brick sidewalks and Greek columns, why not make a weekend trip back to your alma mater? The grounds, especially in the fall, are an instantly pretty backdrop and the personal touch will make the photos even more special.

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Fall Leaf Fun

Your engagement period should be a time of fun, celebrations and joy. Your engagement photos should reflect that! Have your photographer take some candids of you and your love fooling around in the fall foliage. It'll help you both loosen up for some more serious shots and make for a fun memory.

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Wooded Walk

Ahh, romance! Share a smooch with your significant other on a walk in your favorite nearby park like these two lovebirds. We love the way the tree branches make a natural frame for the pair and the bright yellow leaves pop against the woods.

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Love Bridge

Of course, you'll want to get lots of shots of you and your betrothed up close and personal but if the leaves are just that pretty, we suggest getting a few photos from far away too, giving the turning leaves center stage. It'll give your fall engagement photos a sense of place and time which is important when you're looking back with your grandkids 50 years later!

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Twirling Through Fall

Put on your best twirling skirt and break out a few dance moves during your fall engagement photos. Not only does dancing create nice movement in the frame, it also adds a healthy dose of your personality! We especially love how this couple decided to go for bright blues in their outfits to really stand out from (and complement) the gorgeous yellows, oranges and greens behind them.

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Sunkissed Sweethearts

Not all your fall engagement photos have to center around the changing leaves outside. The glowing vibe of the entire season can be captured in one sweet photo at sunset, no yellow leaves needed. Play up the autumnal vibes like this couple with jewel toned sweaters and plaid shirts.

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Perspective Change Up

This photo of a real couple looks like it could be the poster for an upcoming rom com. Have your photographer play with perspective and use the changing leaves as props in more unusual ways like this couple did. Plus, it gives you a chance to relax during your shoot!

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Mountaintop Vistas

If you don't mind a bit of a hike during your photo sesh, climb a nearby hillside for some seriously stunning vista snapshots. Check your local park service website to find out peak foliage change time and plan your photo date accordingly.

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All in the Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and if yours includes a photo-loving pup, don't hesitate to include them in a couple of your photos. They'll love playing around in the fallen leaves on the ground too, no doubt!

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Fall Column Magic

If you have cool historical landmarks near your city like the arboretum in Washington DC, why not scoot over in October to take your engagement photos? You're not only getting some awesome local flavor in your photos but highlighting the best the season has to offer at the same time.