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Into the Woods

If you live near the forest, we love rustic engagement sessions that incorporate the beautiful landscape but also shows us the couple's fun side. This adorable bride and groom took a cue from a classic Dirty Dancing scene and danced on a log.

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Quiet Moments

You avoid city life for a reason. For the two of you, nothing is better than quiet moments in nature and with each other. Head out on a row boat or canoe for some ultra-romantic, but very relaxed pics.

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His Pickup or Yours?

Are you two the epitome of every country song? For the bride and groom who love their cowboy boots and big trucks, find rustic engagement session ideas that speak to your country spirit. This couple chose to have a sweet picnic in the back of a truck.

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Homespun Charm

While rustic engagement sessions aren't usually highly stylized shoots with lots of details, one or two charming props can add color and texture to your photos. Something especially appropriate for a rustic e-session are homespun creations, such as your grandmother's quilt or a knitted scarf, depending on the season.

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Country Chic

When rolling hills and fields as far as the eye can see represent home to you, why not make your farm a showpiece in your e-session? When searching for rustic engagement session ideas, remember that nothing is so lovely as the place you call home.

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Farm Fresh

Another thing you love about farm country is all the fresh bounty it offers. To add a bit of color to your engagement session use locally grown flowers and produce to brighten up your photo shoot!

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A Mountain View

While some rustic engagement session ideas involve barns and farms, others involve a different landscape. If you live near the mountains, find a park with a great view to use as a backdrop and focus your session there.

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Snowball Fight

Rustic engagement sessions embrace simplicity and resourcefulness. If your e-session falls in the winter, hit the fields for an impromptu snowball fight.

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Hit the Trail

If you are in an area with great hiking access, why not multitask your cardio and your engagement session all in one afternoon? This athletic couple loaded up their backpacks for an outdoorsy session with a rugged vibe.

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couple poses with summer camp's woody wagon
Photo: Jenna Kutcher

Rustic Nostalgia

Bring a sense of nostalgia to your rustic engagement session with a return to summer camp! Visit a local camp for your shoot and ask if you can use props to pose with, such as oars, life jackets, scout guides, and even a classic woody wagon (as shown here).