There's nothing like a gorgeous, outdoor engagement session featuring an adorable couple to get you through Hump Day and into the rest of the week, don't you agree? In this case, Megan and Craig, captured beautifully by Dawn Sparks, are the fresh-faced couple who will lead us there...

Shot just outside of Denver, the session looks...easy. Like they're a couple who is completely comfortable with their surroundings and with each other. Nothing feels forced - it's simply the two of them, a couple of excellent wardrobe changes and a brief interlude where they decide to toss around a paper airplane. Just a very cool couple, out enjoying the day and beautiful scenery with one another. Gorgeous.

Both Megan and Craig weigh in on the proposal details and their long distance relationship (she's from the US, he's from Scotland) after the photos. Enjoy!


How did you meet?
We met in Pennsylvania 2 summers ago when we both were working at a children's camp. I was the softball coach and he was in charge of the mountain biking department. Since he is from Scotland and I am from Kansas we have kept our relationship going long distance by visiting each other and LOTS of skyping!!! : )

How did you know he/she was the one?

After the summer ended we both agreed that we didn't want our relationship to end. Over the next few months we talk through skype daily, i would say skype had a huge impact on our relationship because we had be chance to see each other daily. I didn't learn this tell a few months ago, but Craig told me that one night before I came to visit him in Scotland for the first time, it just hit him, he knew that we were suppose to be with each other. For me it was my first time to visit him in Scotland, I fell in love with him and his family, it was VERY hard to go home.

Tell us about the proposal!
Megan: We had been talking about rings for a little while. Last summer i went back to summer camp, where we met the summer before. He didn't return last year due to finishing up his masters in psychology. After camp was over I left for Scotland, it had been almost 4 months since we had seen each other (in person). A little over a week after being there he had planned a hiking venture for us to go on, I was suspicious : ). We hiked up Rubers Law.

Craig: We were at the top of Ruberslaw, the highest peak in the region, and it was a beautiful day. I could tell Megan was suspicious - most likely because I had recently said that I thought it would be cool to get engaged at the top of a mountain. I had to stall for time; fished around in my bag and asked Megan if she wanted a biscuit (a cookie as Americans would call it). Not the smoothest line in history. I took out the ring and asked her to marry me.

Tell us about your engagement shoot.
We chose to have the engagement shoot outside, because Craig has a love for the great outdoors. We couldn't have asked for a better day. The days before had been very windy and cloudy, but for the day of the shoot we had blue sky's and no clouds.
Dawn Sparks was amazing, she made us feel so comfortable and we were blown away by her incredible work.

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