The couple embrace each other as they stand in front of a selection of cupcakes in a shop.

For their Seattle engagement session with Jennifer Boyle, Becky and Tom decided on an afternoon of coffee, cupcakes, and crosswords (pretty much the best example of alliteration out there, if you ask me). And a special shout out to Mane Blow Dry Bar for giving Becky her fantastic wavy 'do.

Cupcakes adorned with white and gold frosting and an array of treats in patterned dishes.
Chocolate cupcakes adorned with bright yellow frosting and small red hearts.
The shop's circular shaped menus alongside a cup of coffee resting on a saucer.
The couple check out the menu as they stand in front of a selection of cupcakes.
The bride to be looks at the delectable display of the cupcakes offered in the shop.
A small blue cake adorned with several multi-colored floral patterns rests on a cake dish.
A unique, flexible light display alongside a cup of coffee resting on a small white saucer.
A tray of three small cupcakes on a dish sits between two cups of coffee on saucers.
The couple sip their cups of coffee as they share a conversation with each other.
The couple enjoy their cupcakes as their cups of coffee rest on the table.
The couple sit on a blue sectional sipping coffee as the future bride reaches for the paper.
The couple's coffee cups and cupcake rest on a small wooden table.
The bride to be leans on her future groom's shoulder as they both look down.
The couple enjoy a bite of their cupcakes with each other.
The groom looks at his bride to be as he sips from a white coffee cup.
View of the couple's shoes, including his black Converse sneakers and her red sneakers.
The couple hold hands as they sit at a small table in the shop.
The couple hold hands in front of two small cups on saucers and a small cupcake on a plate.
The couple give each other looks as they sip their drinks and hold hands under hanging lights.
The couple share a kiss as they sit with each other at a small table in the shop.

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