I have to admit, until today, I was woefully ignorant that there were such things as a gray and brown diamonds (did you know?). And, I'm not sure I would have bought into the idea of wearing one as an engagement ring... That is until I checked out Satomi Kawakita's line and saw how understated yet totally cool alternative diamonds look in her funky settings.

Having worked in just about every art form (glass blower, wood, metal and textile designer, diamond setter), Satomi settled into jewelry design in 2008, but you can still feel the influence of her other mediums. Every piece has a very organic feel so even the smaller settings stand out in their uniqueness; you can further customize each ring by choosing from white, black, gray, or even pink diamonds. And she has a ton of options for wedding rings as well, including a line of men's bands.

Best of all, they're very reasonably priced. So reasonable, in fact, you might need to stack a couple together...

Gray Diamond Ring


Brown diamond ring and Platinum version


Larger yellow gold flower and daintier version


Black diamond and White Gold version


Circle ring