Whenever I am in Los Angeles one of my very favorite places to go is the Farmer's Market at The Grove. It's awesome. Sort of like a year-round state fair with fresh produce, junk food galore, and lots of sunshine. Amy and Curtis must love it too, because that is where they took Alison Yin (whom I have just met but instantly love) for their engagement session. Check out these fantastic pictures of these two very fun best friends hanging out around L.A.'s Pan Pacific Park and at Molly Malone's (the bar where they had their first date).

The future bride takes a bite of a doughnut alongside her future groom, rocking a pair of shades.
The couple share a meal with each other outside of a restaurant.
The bride to be wipes the side of her future groom's mouth as they sit outside at a table.
The couple hold hands on a blue table, matching the groom's blue watch and the bride's ring.
The couple laugh with each other surrounded by local produce in a farmer's market.
The couple smile as they pose near an array of fresh pineapples in a farmer's market.
The couple press their hands against each other's as they stand under dice lights outside.
The couple are seen laughing and holding each other through the pane of a window.
The couple share a kiss in front of an aquatic mural in a seafood restaurant by chairs.
The couple share a laugh with each other as they sit together in a shop.
The future bride rests her head on his shoulders and the two hold hands by a window.
The couple hold hands between an ampersand sign resting on a wooden fence.
The couple sit and embrace each other as they sit a top a wooden fence in the park.
The couple sit and smile with each other as they sit against a wooden fence in the park.
The couple sit with each other against a wooden fence in the park by trees.
The couple engage in a game of tennis in the grassy hills of a park.
The couple share a laugh as they hold small tennis rackets in the park.
The couple sit under a tree together on the green grass of a park in the city.
The future bride to be holds her future groom, who is dressed in plaid shirt.
The couple smile and embrace under the sign of a popular Irish pub in Los Angeles.
The couple stand under lights in a bar by two dart boards and various posters.

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