The future bride's floral print gown and red shoes and the groom's brown pants and shoes.

Get ready for a little stylized retro fun! Elizabeth and Eneas wanted a glamorous 1940s vibe for their engagement session with Cean One Photography. After a sweet picnic in the park (with an even sweeter car--wow!), they headed out to the local air museum to watch the sunset.

The couple embrace each other as they stand alongside a vintage car near a park.
The tire of classic, vintage black automobile.
The couple embrace in their 40's inspired clothing as they stand alongside a vintage black car.
The future bride's fitted floral print dress and red pumps, alongside a vintage car.
The couple share a kiss under a large tree in an open area in a park.
The future bride holds a vintage bamboo umbrella with her future groom alongside various picnic treats.
The couple share a drink by several pink roses and a small brown box as they sit on a blanket in the grass.
The sign of the famous airplanes museum.
The blue propeller of a vintage, patriotic airplane by a hangar.
The couple embrace each other alongside a vintage fighter airplane outside.
The couple stand together near the front of a vintage airplane in their 40's inspired clothes.
The couple embrace each other and hold hands alongside a vintage red airplane.
Several pink flowers rest atop a small, vintage brown suitcase in front of the couple.
The couple embrace each other in retro, 40's clothing by a red vintage airplane.
The future bride holds pink roses in a dramatic black gown as she holds her groom's hand by a plane.
The couple pose together in a dramatic, retro style photo by a vintage plane.