How did you meet?
We both went to UC Davis, but we actually met working together at a restaurant. We both started working there on the same day...it was a Monday lunch shift, Meeko was bartending, I was hostessing...and it was definitely crush at first sight!


Did you know when you met, that s/he was "the ONE?"
No...BUT...there was absolutely something there! It took 6 months before Meeko FINALLY asked me out on a date (first date = "studying" at Borders Bookstore and late night eating at In 'N Out, because we're classy like that)...it wasn't long after that first date that we knew we were both in it for the long haul!

Tell us about your Fiance(e).
Hmmm...Meeko is amazing! He is the most authentic person I have ever met in my entire life. I love his perspective on life...he is really positive and doesn't judge anyone. I admire that about him a LOT and he definitely challenges in those areas. Oh ya, and he makes me laugh all the time!

Share with us the "proposal story!"
Our proposal was so "us", and I love that! I definitely knew it was coming, but wasn't sure WHEN. We had picked out the ring about a month before he proposed...and anytime we did anything together I would look at his pockets for the ring box, thinking to myself "is he gonna do it today????" One random Friday night we got take out and a bottle of wine from Whole Foods to enjoy on my AMAZING roof deck overlooking San Francisco. I had already scanned the pockets...and no box...so we were just goofing around and enjoying a low key night in...and then all of the sudden he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!! I started laughing and said "wait, but the rings not in your pocket!!!" and he slyly pulled out just the ACTUAL ring wrapped in toilet paper! He knows how nosy I am and figured it was the only way to conceal the ring! It was really cute and funny and totally awesome!

Describe your ring.
It's beautiful and simple and dainty and feminine. I love it (obviously, I picked it out...hehe)!

When is the wedding?
October, 2009

Which one is your favorite engagement session photo, and why?
Hmmm...that's hard because we LOOOOOVE our photos! I think my favorites are the one's of us on the sidewalk by all the pastel SF houses and Meeko loves the pics on the stairwell. We just LOVE that our photos are all in OUR neighborhood, North Beach, which is where Meeko proposed and where we spend most of our time!

Tell us something about your photographer, Cameron Ingalls, that you just loved!
Ok, Cameron is the MAN and I'll tell you why. Meeko and I are so unphotogenic and awkward. We were ridiculously nervous about taking pictures and thought for sure they would all turn out goofy and weird and...well...AWKWARD. BUT THEY ROCKED!!!! And it's because Cameron was hilarious and made us laugh and totally took the edge off....we all embraced the awkwardness and went with it. HAHA! It was actually really, REALLY fun hanging out and shooting together. And now we are actually going to be able to relax with the camera around on our wedding day. The engagement shoot was a great way to break the ice!


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