engaged couple smiling on cloudy day

Just because it's summer doesn't mean that all of California is predictably sunny.  On the Northern California coast, the fog can roll in at any moment. And for Jeff and Sharon's engagement session it certainly rolled through. But that didn't dim their wide smiles or keep them from leaping between boulders (Sharon is so brave in her wedges).  Thank you to the delightful Viera Photographics for sharing this lovely (albeit cloudy) afternoon with us!

engagement session on North California coast
dramatic coastal landscape
bride in polka dot dress
engaged couple between coastal boulders
bride laughing during engagement session
piggyback ride during e-session
groom scaling boulder during e-session
engaged couple on California coast
groom hopping across boulder
bride leaping across boulder
couple crossing boulders
engaged couple in front of old cottage
bride sitting on groom's lap
engaged couple walking past picket fence
bride handing groom a flower