man kisses bride in preppy madras plaid dress during engagement session

This cute couple decided to take their photographer for a road trip by heading out to Fort Macon (a Civil War fort) and Atlantic Beach, NC for their engagement session. Wearing light, summery attire, Jodie and Drew spent an afternoon dodging thunderstorms and playing with their dog.  Thank you to Open Aperture Photography for sharing!

engaged bride in pink and orange sundress flashes diamond ring
Diamond_Messimer_Open_Aperture_Photography_DrewandJodieEngagement36_low copy
Diamond_Messimer_Open_Aperture_Photography_DrewandJodieEngagement34_low copy
engaged couple during e-session at Fort Macon, NC
Diamond_Messimer_Open_Aperture_Photography_DrewandJodieEngagement44_low copy
Diamond_Messimer_Open_Aperture_Photography_DrewandJodieEngagement23_low copy
couple with dog kiss on North Carolina beach
Diamond_Messimer_Open_Aperture_Photography_DrewandJodieEngagement28_low copy