engaged couple stands on street in downtown Detroit

This adorable couple met when a mutual friend decided to set them up. From their very first date, they had a special connection. Eric is a math teacher and Liz is a medical student, so it will come as no surprise when you hear about their "nerdy" proposal story. Eric decided to pop the question on Super Pi Day (3/14/15). The couple had already planned on baking pie together, and when Liz wasn't looking, Eric switched out the pie with one that had the proposal written on the crust.  When Liz checked to see if it was done, Eric was waiting behind her, ring in hand.  Nerdy is definitely the new charming.  Thank you to JD Howell for sharing this lovely afternoon in Detroit with us.

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engaged couple on stairway of Detroit Opera House
couple kiss during engagement session in ornately decorated opera house
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rooftop patio with view of Detroit skyline
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couple in field in front of abandoned building in Detroit, MI
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couple plays around fountain in Detroit, MI