engaged bride with halo setting engagement ring

Nashville is all the rage right now. From Blake Shelton's dominance on The Voice to the hit show Nashville, country roots are where it's at. After getting engaged at the city's B.B. King's, Lyzah and Todd decided to return to the scene of the crime for a fabulous engagement session. These photos have a bit of everything: Southern glam, rural charm, and one very sparkly ring!  Thanks to Heather Todd for sharing this sweet session with us!

Bittel_Veach_Heather_Todd_Photography_VeachESess015_low copy
couple on edge of fountain in Nashville, TN
Bittel_Veach_Heather_Todd_Photography_VeachESess032_low copy
woman in bold bib necklace hugged by groom on Nashville rooftop
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Bittel_Veach_Heather_Todd_Photography_VeachESess074_low copy
Bittel_Veach_Heather_Todd_Photography_VeachESess084_low copy
Nashville engagement session with bride in cowboy boots
engaged couple kiss on streets of Nashville, TN
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Bittel_Veach_Heather_Todd_Photography_VeachESess101_low copy
Bittel_Veach_Heather_Todd_Photography_VeachESess110_low copy
couple in front of BB King's in Nashville, TN
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