The couple embrace each other as they stand in a rustic, open wooden barn.

These two schoolteachers from North Carolina wanted to incorporate their amazing jobs and earth tone color palette into their engagement session. This old farm gave Amber Wallace the perfect background to capture their shoot, which also features chalkboards and, of course, shiny red apples!

The couple hold hands as they stand in a grassy area surrounded by plants and flowers.
The couple pose with each other and embrace as they stand amongst the trees.
The couple touch foreheads as they sit amongst various plants and trees.
The couple share a kiss next to a chalkboard with their initials inside of heart written on it.
Close up of the couple holding hands in front of a chalkboard with their initials inside of a heart.
The couple smile and hold hands near a chalkboard bearing a heart and their names.
The couple smile and pose individually alongside a wooden fence.
The couple smile and embrace as they lean on a wooden rail in a barn.
The future bride poses in her green fall sweater alongside her groom in his plaid shirt.
The couple make silly faces with each other as they pose alongside trees and twigs.
The couple and smile with each other as they sit in front of a wooden fence.
The future bride rides piggy back and shares a kiss with her groom by a large tree.
The couple lay together on a green blanket by red apples and a chalkboard.
The future bride's engagement ring rests on a chalkboard ledge by red apples.
The future bride rests her head on her groom's shoulder as they outside with each other.
The couple hold hands as they stand amongst fallen leaves by a wooden fence and green blanket.

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