The Texan couple grab a pair of shovels as they dig beside a huge pile of logs.

Daysi and Matias knew they wanted two things reflected in their engagement session photos: their vintage style and a nod to the fact they both grew up on a farm. The weather was super windy, but it goes to show you that sometimes "bad" weather can make for great pictures.  The result is this very sweet Texas session by Jay Caballero, who took them to Puesta del Sol Sobre el Arroyo.

The bride and groom embrace by the large wheel of a rustic, wooden wagon.
The bride and groom share a laugh as they enjoy a picnic on a blanket on the grass.
The bride and groom embrace as they read through a vintage novel on a blanket in the grass.
The couple hug on the porch of a rustic, vintage home surrounded by greenery.
The couple wear matching cowboy boots as the groom to be holds a guitar and they kiss.
The couple smile as they pose by a vintage, red door and the groom to be holds a guitar.
The bride to be holds her future groom as he plays the guitar by a large pile of logs.
The couple sit by a fireplace as the groom to be plays a song for his future bride.
Petals blow in the wind as the couple share a kiss amongst the pink flowers.
The couple hold hands across a table between a gold ampersand.

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