The future bride's engagement ring sits atop the nose of a Minnie Mouse statue.

For their engagement session, Natalie and Kevin spent the afternoon at Disneyland, riding Indiana Jones, their favorite ride. Thank you to Jaime Davis for sharing this sunny afternoon with us!

The couple hold hands as they walk together through Disneyland.
The couple share a kiss by Royal St. and on a cartoon trolley in the park.
The couple embrace each other by a wooden fence alongside various rock formations.
The couple hold hands as they smile and walk together by bamboo stalks.
The future bride's engagement ring rests on top of a ticket to the park.
The couple hold hands and smile as they walk through the park.
The groom to be blows a kiss to his future bride as they sit at a water fountain.
The couple pose with each other in front of a large, vintage boat by the water.

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