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Snowy City Scene

Who says you have to hike into nature for the perfect engagement photos? Snowy moments right in the hustle and bustle of your favorite city can be very charming! Maybe even visit your favorite date night spots for photos that truly capture your love story.

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By the Water

There's something about winter photos by the water that's so magical. Especially if you're a couple that spends lots of special moments on the lake, this can help to create a perfect winter engagement session.

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Ride Horseback

We're not "horsing" around- these photos are enchanting! Riding horseback through the snow is a great way to get some stunning photos and do something fun as a couple that you'll have to remember forever.

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Rekindle the Flame

Nothing captures a warm and cozy winter vibe quite like a campfire. We love how rustic and intimate it makes this couple's session look! For more rustic photo session ideas, check out some of our favorites!

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A Formal Affair

Dressing up in a winter wonderland exudes elegance in your photographs. We love how the shimmer of this bride's dress really pops against the snowy white!

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Be Playful

Some of our favorite winter engagement session ideas involve playing in the snow. Be playful in your session by having a snowball fight, building a snowman, or making snow angels. You'd be surprised how many fun moments are captured.

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Pack a Picnic

Pack a picnic on your photo session and have some fun with it! Lay a blanket down, make a toast, and feed each other. It will look just like a romantic (albeit cold) date.

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Winter Activities

Bringing a sled or snowshoes can make for great props and also adorable action shots. We love how this sled adds to the winter vibes. This is one of our favorite winter engagement session ideas for its playfulness!

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Forest Engagement Session
Photo: Judith Rae

Wear Pops of Color

Bright reds, greens, and blues look stunning against a snowy white background. Particularly if your session is in the woods, wearing these colors can help you stand out from your background.

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Bundled Up Photo Session
Photo: AMBphoto

Bundle Up Baby

With a couple of pillows and blankets, you can turn a cool wintry session into something warm and intimate.

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Take to the Ice

Ice skating is a magical part of the winter season. Why not incorporate it into your photo session? Even if you're not a pro on the ice, it can make for some silly moments.