Can I just tell you that we have the coolest readers? Stacy contacted me a bit ago with her engagement photos taken by the very talented Chris Bishow at the Orange County State Fair. And I loved them. They're playful, very romantic and capture a couple that you can tell has a great time together (I love the one where Aaron's watching Stacy play the shoot 'em up game - you can just see the love!).

As if their great shots weren't enough, Stacy is a singer/songwriter who also sent over a couple of her songs. You can stream her songs Anywhere and I Do from her album "Connect the Dots" by Vanguard records or you can buy yourself a copy over on Stacy's iTunes page.

Be sure to keep reading after the photos as Stacy talks about how she and Aaron met and gives details on their engagement shoot.


Stacy tells us how they met
They say when you are not looking is when you find love. It was a Sunday, Aaron was working at Lowe's to finance his college for Computer Science. One of my closest friends (and Maid of Honor) Chelsea needed to go into Lowe's Hardware store to buy a lock. It was in search of the perfect lock that I met the perfect man. As he helped us find that perfect lock we got to chatting about life, careers I told him about my music and invited him to a show. He had such service that he even took us over and opened a cash register so we did not have to wait in line. I didn't expect to hear from him again, but through technology we connected. He emailed me, then I emailed back until he asked me out to lunch. We had our first date at Plums in Costa Mesa. It was then I knew that there was potential and chemistry. We had our second date at the Getty Art Museum where Aaron lost a contact while we where looking at art. Despite the funny situation, we still had a blast making it one of the best dates ever. We enjoy going to music concerts, playing soccer, rock climbing, traveling and relaxing.

Our engagement session was with our good friend and amazing photographer Chris Bishow. He knew that we are fun people and suggested doing a session at the Orange County Fair. Ironically, I had sang and performed there so had some extra passes and we where on our way. Our wedding theme is vintage meets modern and will be a spring wedding in Newport Beach, CA. We are going to have a candy bar, photobooth, cupcakes and more. The OC Fair really tied into our theme. We are so happy how the photos came out and can't wait for our big day!

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