rust colored, round cut diamond engagement ring

From subtle nudes to the brightest of blues, these rings stand out from the traditional and make a unique statement.  Another advantage to these rings are the wide range of stones and price points depending upon your preferences.

The most trending ring color right now is pink.  Above, this maroon with a hint of rust is deep and natural with a beautiful gold band to bring out its warm tones.  If you favor lighter shades, this double halo peachy-pink morganite ring (below) could be just the ticket!  It's the perfect choice for a bride who just wants a hint of color, and would look stunning against almost any skin tone.

peach morganite engagement ring with double halo, clover shaped setting
pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring with rose gold band

Brighter shades of pink are ideal for an ultra-feminine bride who is very Elle Woods about her signature color. Above, this pink sapphire goes blush with a rose gold band. The whole effect is very glowy and sweet.  Below, coral pink and hot pink are both bold shades. Consider your skin tone, frequent wardrobe choices, and bridal style before choosing a ring this vibrant to make sure you get the right hue.  Warmer skin tones can tend to favor the peachy corals, whereas cool skin tones really pop with true blue-based pinks.

pink tourmaline engagement ring with gold band
bright pink tourmaline engagement ring with diamonds on rose gold
smoky quartz cocktail ring with large oval stone

Perhaps you don't love white diamonds, but you aren't really the bright color type either.  Well, there are plenty of colored engagement rings that you will love. Above, an oval smoky quartz ring looks great as a nude on medium to deep skin tones.

rose cut black diamond engagement ring with thin rose gold band

Okay, but if we're being completely honest, we're adoring black engagement rings right now.  Just as versatile as a traditional white diamond ring, but with a thoroughly modern style, these rings are fantastic. You can find them in styles like the halo setting above if you are looking for a classic design.

Paloma Picasso black pave engagement ring

Or you can embrace a trendsetting statement like with the pave ring above and hexagon option below.

hexagon shaped black diamond engagement ring on gold band

Still not sure if you love these enough to wear them forever?  Find a cheap glass version in two shades of your desired color, one as bold as you think you want to go and one several shades lighter. Wear each for a week or two.  Do you find yourself loving the pop of color on your hand, or wishing it was a bit more subtle?

We've gathered several more examples of colored engagement rings for you to drool over. With a veritable rainbow of colors available to you and options like sapphires, aquamarines, tourmalines, and peridots to choose from, there is an engagement ring here for every colorful bride.

delicate and modern aquamarine engagement ring on rose gold band
round cut aquamarine engagement ring in halo setting
dark green tourmaline engagement ring flanked with two small diamonds
emerald engagement ring on unique band with leaf shaped prongs

cushion cut citrine engagement ring in halo setting
oval cut aquamarine engagement ring with halo setting
vintage inspired emerald engagement ring in gold flower setting with pave stones
simple heart shaped amethyst engagement ring
modern black and white diamond wedding ring

light blue diamond engagement ring
round sapphire engagement ring in unique setting on gold band

ruby and white sapphire engagement ring on rose gold

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