How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring to Match Her Style
Photo: Pixabay Images

It's something she'll wear every day for the rest of her life, and the second most important piece of jewelry she'll ever own (next to her wedding band). With that kind of pressure, you know that you need to get the engagement ring exactly right. So, how do you pick out something so personal without having her there to assist you? Check out these 5 tips to easily match the perfect ring with her style and personality.

  1. Pay attention to her wardrobe. You'll be able to learn a lot about her style from how she dresses. Does she favor clean lines, neutral colors, and classic pieces? She might want a minimalist approach to her engagement ring. Does she wear bright colors in flowing silhouettes? Her bohemian style might lend itself to a more eclectic band with a non-traditional stone (such as an emerald, pearl, or sapphire).
  2. Look at the details of her favorite purse. A purse is a statement piece as much as it is a functional way to carry essentials. If her go-to purse is a Louis Vuitton, she likes classic, upscale items: consider a diamond in a platinum band. If she carries a vintage piece, look for the perfect ring at an estate sale.
  3. Take the lead from her other jewelry. This is a great way to figure out what she might like since she's already selected these pieces herself. She likely has a strong preference for either gold or silver jewelry, so you'll want to make sure her engagement ring matches her other favorite pieces.
  4. Consider what she does on a daily basis. Her engagement ring needs to be able to rise to whatever occasion she provides. If she often works with her hands in the garden, you'll want to focus on a ring that can be easily cleaned. If she works with children, consider purchasing a ring with a bezel setting which doesn't have the sharper edges that other settings have.
  5. Note her decorating style. Much like her wardrobe, the items she chooses for her home are a great indicator for her personality. See what types of metals she's chosen for the knobs in the kitchen, the types of fabrics used for the curtains, and the style of fixtures throughout the house. You can match her classic, modern, minimalist, or eclectic decorating style with the ideal ring.