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Vintage Style

Whether you want to shop at estate jewelry dealers or just want a ring inspired by vintage trends, antique engagement rings are still incredibly popular.

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set of engagement ring stacking bands
Photo: Capucinne

Stacking Bands

One of the most modern engagement ring trends of this year has definitely been sets of stacking bands. First a fashion jewelry trend, these thin bands are perfect for on-the-go women that don't want to contend with a large rock.

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rose gold engagement ring with petal garland band
Photo: Blue Nile

Ultra-Feminine Details

At the other end of the spectrum, is a growing popularity for ultra-feminine ring details like ribbons, bows, flowers, and hearts. This rose gold ring features a diamond petal garland circling the band. This is a terrific option for a woman who loves classic romance.

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Bold Settings

We love it when something trendy is also the height of practicality. For years, brides have been trying to go with the daintiest possible settings, sometimes to the detriment of the stability of the stone. Right now, bold settings are in, such as this hearty four prong setting. That black diamond isn't going anywhere.

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moonstone engagement ring
Photo: MinimalVS

Unique Shapes

Both stones and bands are currently coming in an assortment of unique shapes. From deep v's to rounded archs, the setting encircling the stone can add to this drama. A teardrop shape like this one actually creates the illusion of longer, leaner fingers.

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split shank engagement rings
Photo: Ben Garelick

Split Shank Bands

If you love the look of the thin stacking bands, but still want a traditional engagement ring, you may want to check out split shank rings. Also known as two-strand rings, they provide the illusion of more than one band.

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Rose Gold

The latest fave in metals for engagement rings is rose gold. It looks fabulous on warmer skin tones. If you are definitely cool-toned, but love this look, search for shades that are a bit lighter.

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Dark Gemstones

Pink diamonds and lighter gemstones have been fashionable for nearly a decade, but lately we've been seeing more brides opting for darker gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, and garnets. This sapphire ring is totally timeless and destined to become a family heirloom.

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Less Formality

Another fascinating engagement ring trend is the move towards less formal and structured stones and bands. Uncut diamonds and oddly-shaped stones are rising in popularity. This diamond-studded branch band has an ethereal quality, and is conflict-free.

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Geometric Influence

Geometric details have taken over modern wedding details, and now, your engagement ring. If you love this concept, look for sharp angles, striking minimalism, and low-profile stones.