Selecting an engagement ring can be exciting, but also a little daunting. How many times do you purchase a piece of jewelry with the intention of wearing it every day for the rest of your life? It's important that you love your ring and that it fits with your personal style. Here is a peek into the 5 most popular jewelry styles to give you an opportunity to identify what types of rings you would prefer.


You tend to favor classic styles and timeless silhouettes. Your jewelry box is filled with your tried-and-true favorite accessories, with only the occasional trendy piece taking up space.

Today, one of the most traditional styles is a halo ring. This sparkler (below) features a radiant cut center stone. The best thing about this choice is that this style is available in an endless varieties of metals, cuts, and sizes to fit every budget.

radiant cut engagement ring
Photo: Ken & Dana Design

Out of every ring style, the one that has stood the test of time is the simple solitaire. A ring like this one (below) is ideal for brides who care about quality over quantity. Splurge on a higher quality diamond (even if it means sacrificing size), to have something to hand down to the next generation.

classic solitaire ring
Photo: Gabriel & Co.


Those with minimalist style definitely know it. You never wear more than two accessories at the same time, every piece of jewelry you own could best be described as "subtle," and your closet is mostly stocked with neutral separates. You need a ring that will effortlessly fit into your simple and practical style.

This petite trillion cut diamond ring (below) is tiny, but wonderful. If you lead a busy and active life, a ring like this won't get in the way.

trillion cut engagement ring
Photo: Minimalvs

There's no rule that an engagement ring has to have a center stone. If you want a sleek, streamlined ring, go with a band with inlaid stones. This turquoise and diamond ring (below) has just a bit of color to give it a modern accent.

turquoise and diamond ring
Photo: Artemer


You're known as the trendsetter in your group. You favor the latest and greatest and want to have the most distinctive style. From your home to your wardrobe, your choices are as eclectic as your personality.

When you want to make a bold impression, go with a ring like this dynamic raw black diamond ring.

raw black diamond ring
Photo: Greenwich St. Jewelers

Do you love stacking rings as much as we do? Mixing and matching different stones with unique band shapes will nearly guarantee none of your friends will have a ring like yours.

stacking engagement ring
Photo: Anna Sheffield


You're an unabashed girly-girl. You love all things pink, floral, and sweet. If Elle Woods is your spirit animal, then chances are you favor romantic style. For ladies that want their ring to reflect their fairy tale love story, this style (below) is definitely for you.

heart shaped engagement ring
Photo: Tiffany & Co.

Another type of feminine engagement rings are those with garden and floral influences. This example with a blue tanzanite center stone features a botanical-style band, with leaves winding around your finger.

tanzanite garden ring
Photo: Capucinne


Trends can come and go, but you prefer accessories that have a sense of history.  Search for pieces that come from the era you are most fascinated with.

vintage Art Deco ring
Photo: Victor Barbone Jewelry

Love the look of vintage, but want a brand-new ring? That's just fine. There are tons of jewelry designers that create reproductions of authentically vintage rings like the one below.

vintage inspired ring
Photo: Blue Nile