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Pearl engagement ring

Classic Meets Modern

Besides the diamond, there's nothing quite as classic as a pearl. If you want to tone the bling down with a more minimalist engagement ring, this choice keeps it simple without sacrificing traditional gemstones.

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Silver rose caveat engagement ring
Photo: Bona Drag

Fit For Comfort

Inspired by handcuffs, this silver stunner grips tightly but not too close for comfort. The lobster clasp allows for an easy fit around the knuckles.

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Stacked Up

Sometimes two is better than one, and that goes for these stackable engagement rings. The hammered texture of these bands complements the tiny gemstone in a delicate way.

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Turquoise bow engagement ring
Photo: Erica Weiner

Bow Down

Erica Weiner designs some of the coolest vintage rings we ever did see. Just take a look at her Instagram and you'll know what we're talking about. While it's one of the more intricate options shown here, this turquoise bow ring falls nothing short of stunning.

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Black and gold engagement ring
Photo: Eternity31

Natural Elements

Looking for something more colorful sans the gemstones? This alternative engagement ring contains flakes of gold and dried moss to create a textured appearance. It's definitely far from traditional but one of a kind.

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Pyrite gold engagement ring
Photo: Jen Cervelli

Faux Bling

Nobody said you needed a gemstone for your engagement ring. And nobody said metal was only limited to the band either. This pyrite pick breaks all the rules to create its own unique glamour.

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White gold metal engagement ring with asscher cut
Photo: Metalicious

Rock Solid

If you want a gemstone-free ring with the appearance of a diamond, consider an alternative "gem" like this square cut metal. Not only is it sleek and modern, it's also a great eco-friendly option.

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Simply Charmed

Easy to stack, this piece slightly strays from the traditional ring settings. The charm highlights a small gemstone held within a bezel setting.

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All Wrapped Up

Similar to a sparkling black diamond, this onyx ring is a little more subtle. The textured band gives it an understated rustic style.

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Alternative engagement ring with gold figure 8
Photo: TDN Creations

Tie the Knot

Simple yet intricate, this golden band shines almost as bright as any gemstone. The knotted design creates durability and strength throughout the ring.

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Antique Bliss

Symbolic of good luck, this coral gemstone's red hue reflects passion. If you're all about historic jewelry, this piece is just for you.

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Dotted To Perfection

If you want to keep your wedding ring simple, too, this beaded engagement ring would pair well. It's versatile enough to complement your day-to-day style whatever it may be. 

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