Eric & Ali

Wedding Party

We had a really tough time choosing our wedding party because we have so many friends and family we wanted to incorporate into our big day! As one of seven children, I was really adamant about including ALL of my siblings, which means A LOT of bridesmaids and groomsmen. It's a good thing Eric loves my family (almost) as much as I do! We are so happy and excited that our families and closest friends have all agreed to participate!

In addition to the wedding party members listed below, we are thrilled to have the following people participate in our special day:

Mr. and Mrs. Scott I Peek, Jr. (Parents of the Bride)
Mrs. Lynn Wilbur (Mother of the Bride)
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Yambor (Maternal Grandparents of the Bride)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott I Peek, Sr. (Paternal Grandparents of the Bride)

Mary McGowan
Drew Obeck
George Peek
William Peek
Robert Peek
Natalia Henderson

Eucharistic Ministers
Mr. and Mrs. Scott I. Peek, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Alfonso

Gift Bearers
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Obeck
Mr. Rick Stephan

We also have a whole bunch of aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives and friends who have all helped make our dream wedding come true!

Jacqui Peek

Maid of Honor

Eric and Ali are so excited that Jacqui has agreed to be one of the "MOH", especially since she is busy planning her own wedding to her fiancé, Rob!

Gabbie Peek

Maid of Honor

Eric and Ali fought over whether Gabbie would be Ali's "Maid of Honor" or one of Eric's groomsmen...Ali is happy to say she won that argument!

Dede Peek


Dede is Ali's baby sister. Can you believe she was in Kindergarten when Eric and Ali first started dating?!

Karlyn Moody


Karlyn is Eric's older sister. Over the past 7 years, Karlyn and Ali have become close, and she is so excited to gain a sister-in-law! Karlyn's three children will also be a special part of Eric and Ali's wedding.

Anne Marie McGowan


Anne Marie is Ali's cousin. She is always the life of the party, and Eric and Ali could not picture their special day without her in it! Her text message in response to their engagement was "It's about time!"

Amanda Carboni


Amanda was Ali's college roommate and one of her best friends. They had many adventures during their time at UF and Ali is happy to say those good times continued into their adult lives. Although Amanda lives "across the pond" she will be coming back to celebrate the big day.

Lauren Bronleewe


Lauren is one of Ali's oldest childhood friends. They first met when Lauren's mom, Judy, was their Girl Scout leader in third grade! Lauren and Ali used to lay in Lauren's big canopy bed dreaming of their weddings as kids, so Ali am so happy and proud that Lauren will be a big part of helping that dream finally come true!

Brittany Rawlings


Brittany is Ali's sorority sister and one of her best friends from college. Ali is so honored that Brittany has agreed to be a part of her wedding party. She knows Britt doesn't have a lot of free time, since she is a big time business woman in South Florida!

Justin Davis

Best Man

Justin has been Eric's best friend since 6th grade. Most of his best memories (and some things he would like to forget!) have Justin in them. Eric is so excited and proud to have Justin stand beside him on his wedding day. (Justin, if you lose the rings, Ali will have to hurt you :) )

Ryan Wilbur


Ryan is Eric's older brother. Eric has always looked up to him and considers him one of his best friends.

Scott Peek


Scott is Ali's younger brother. Eric and Scott have become great friends, bonding over playing football at Florida, bourbon, and their mutual love of teasing Ali.

James Peek


James is Ali's younger brother. When Eric and Ali first started dating, Ali (stupidly) brought Eric out to dinner with all of her siblings. James burped in his face. Since he didn't run out the door, Ali figured he was a keeper!

Danny Peek


Danny is Ali's youngest brother. He and his twin sister Dede (a bridesmaid) were in Kindergarten when Eric and Ali first started dating.

Chris Hetland


Chris is one of Eric's best friends from college. He is also at least partially responsible for Eric and Ali dating in the first place.

Eric Nappy


Eric is one of Eric's best friends from college. He, along with Chris Hetland and Eric Wilbur, continually dominated "punt golf" during practice while the rest of the team was actually doing something productive.

Robbie Waked


Robbie and Eric were teammates and great friends in high school. They were able to maintain their friendship even though they went to separate colleges and then lived in different cities. Eric knows Robbie has been making the "wedding rounds" lately, so he is so happy he agreed to be in another one!

Claire Obeck

Junior Bridesmaid

Claire is Ali's beautiful cousin and daughter of her Godmother, Mimi. Claire is an amazing soccer player and a track star. Ali and Eric are so excited Claire said "YES!" when they asked her to be in their wedding. Ali is especially proud and honored to have Claire in her wedding because Ali was a junior bridesmaid in Claire's parents'(Ali's Aunt Mimi and Uncle Eric) wedding.

Christina Peek

Junior Bridesmaid

Christina is Ali's wonderful cousin. Eric and Ali have many fond memories of Christina from when they used to babysit her and her brothers while her parents, Aunt Stacy and Uncle Bill, went out of town. She is a perfect mix of tomboy and fashionista. Eric and Ali can't wait to share their special day with Christina! Ali was a junior bridesmaid in Christina's parents wedding, so that makes it extra special!

Junior Groomsman

Kobe Moody

Kobe is Eric's nephew. Since the day he was born, Eric has been very involved in Kobe's life. Eric has taught Kobe all of his favorite things, including football, basketball and fishing! Kobe is following in Eric's footsteps by attending Trinity Prep. Eric and Ali are very excited their first born nephew is going to be a part of their big day! Kobe is VERY excited to hang out with Ali's two beautiful junior bridesmaids!

Karlee Moody

Flower girl

Karlee is Eric's only niece. She is in first grade and loves sports, cooking and arts and crafts. She loves spending time with Ali and Eric. Karlee was born just a few weeks after Eric and Ali's first date. A couple years ago, Ali taught Karlee to tell everyone that she was the "princess" and Ali was the "Queen." Karlee is going to look beautiful on the big day!

Lilliana Rubiera

Flower Girl

Lilli is the daughter of Eric and Ali's good friends, Rachel and Walter. Ali remembers holding Lilli and her twin brother, Antonio the day they was born. Eric and Ali have been so fortunate and blessed to watch Lilli grow the past four years and they are so excited for her to be in their wedding!

Landon Moody

Ring Bearer

Landon is Eric's youngest nephew. He is the sweetest, most adorable baby ever! Eric and Ali enjoy teaching him things like waving, blowing kisses and the joys of eating Jeremiah's Italian Ice!

Antonio Rubiera

Ring Bearer

Antonio is the son of Eric and Ali's good friends, Rachel and Walter. He is the twin brother of Lilli, a flower girl. He loves gator football almost as much as Eric and Ali! Eric and Ali have known Antonio since the day he was born and are so happy and excited for him to be in the wedding!

Matthew McGowan


Matt is Ali's oldest cousin. They are only six months apart and spent the first half of their lives terrorizing their younger siblings and cousins (and parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, etc.) so it is only fitting that Matt be a part of the big day!

Michael McGowan


Although Mike is Ali's cousin, he is also one of Eric's best friends. On several occasions, Mike has gotten Eric in BIG trouble for sneaking out on the town!! Anyone that knows Mike knows that he is always the life of the party, so Eric and Ali are so glad that he will be bringing his "fun" to the wedding!