Felix Ed & Barbara

Our Story

"The Initial Glance"

In July 2004, Barbara and Felix met each other at a small gathering on a Saturday Night in Berkeley, California. The event was a "going away" party for all the participants (after a long week studying the MBIRA) and it was the first opportunity for Felix and Barbara to meet since first chatting with each other online a few months ago.

Felix, was still contemplating whether to make his appearance, during his bakery trip in Berkeley. And YES, he made a decision! Never did he/she expect, it's "Love at First Sight", for both of them, when Barbara opened the door at the Party. And there you goes... a Long-Distance Relationship begins...

"The Dating Game"

Seeing each other only twice a year since then, and no doubt, it was no easy task! With work-on-hand for Felix, and piano-teaching + gamelan rehearsals/performances + other projects for Barbara, they could only met up during vacation period throughout their dating years.

"YES, I do"

Dec 2008, White, snowy hill at King's Canyon National Park, there they stood! With no-one at sight by the hillside, Felix decided to pop the big question. And of course, Barbara say "YES!" ... Perfect scenery, great companion...