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Snuggle up on the couch and prepare for a marriage that lasts a lifetime. You will learn about Emotional Intimacy, Communication, Compatibility, Expectations and much more. The M101 DIGITAL DUO fun, affordable and done in the privacy of home. Weddings are but a day, marriage is for a lifetime. Save $25. See Clip for details

From interfaith to shared faith and all points in between, Mike brings a spirit of love and understanding to the most important day of your life. Mike has officiated over 1100 weddings and his philosophy is "It's your wedding; so, let's work together to create the ceremony of your dreams."

Pre-Marital Counseling with Rachel, is authentically down to earth, empowering, supportive and fun. Every session is tailored to the unique needs, hopes and dreams of both partners. You will receive tons of support, learn valuable things about each other and skills that will help you for the rest of your life together.

New Life Institute
Austin, TX | +1 512 469-9447

Utilizing a computer scored and factored system known as Engage-Prepare, couples are led through substantial information in nine pivotal areas of marred life.

Advanced Behavioral Consultants
Austin, TX | +1 512 207-0549

We offer individual, group, career, couples, and marriage counseling.

Kathleen Snyder, Marriage Counseling
Austin, TX | +1 512 659-8600

Couples therapy is the focus of my practice and has been my specialty for 20 years.

At Mindfulness & Love we provide pre-marital counseling, relationship counseling, coaching, assessment, and workshops for couples who want to learn how to build a strong, healthy future together.

At Mariposa Psychotherapy Services, you'll learn what predicts divorce and what predicts happy, stable marriages. You'll become familiar with the best, most reliable research on marriage. If you would like a sneak peak at what you will be learning, see John Gottman’s research and intervention information at ...

Still Waters Counseling
Austin, TX | +1 512 300-9865

I feel competent at using both my training and my life experience in the therapeutic relationship. I am skilled working with couples and families as well as working with adolescents.

Alamo Counseling LLC
San Antonio, Texas | +1 210 307-8770

MELISSA FRIESENHAHN MA, LPC - There are many reasons to seek counseling in all stages of your life. I enjoy working with children and adults. I also provide premarital counseling by the Prepare & Enrich Program.

Counseling Center for Living Well, PLLC
San Antonio, TX | +1 210 490-9106

Christian Counseling from a Licensed Professional Counselor for couples preparing for marriage. Utilizes a the PREPARE inventory and 8-10 discounted professional counseling sessions.

I Love Weddings
San Antonio, TX | +1 210 897-9787

I have over 25 years of experience as a pastor and working with engaged couples. I’ve literally performed hundreds of weddings in a variety of settings. From the ultra-conservative and very traditional to the 18th hole on a golf course, I’ve just about done it all.

The Connection Center
San Antonio, TX | +1 210 344-9255

Counseling helps couples identify issues that may be causing disconnection in their relationship. They learn and practice skills that will enable them to reconnect and find new meaning together.

Shelley Rodriguez, MA, LMFT, LPC
San Antonio, TX | +1 210 416-5595

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in premarital, couples and individual growth counseling. I offer AM/PM appointments for your convenience. Ask about a discount pkg!

Hill Country Psychotherapy Associates
San Antonio, TX | +1 210 558-0409

At Hill Country Psychotherapy Associates, we believe that relational psychotherapy offers an effective approach for enhancing personal growth, relationships and life experiences.

St. Mary's University Family Life Center
San Antonio, TX | +1 210 438-6411

The Family Life Center is a low-cost counseling facility offering individual, couple, and family therapy. We offer premarital workshops for couples who are engaged or dating. The workshops are typically 8 hours on a Saturday, but you can also request one-on-one sessions on your own schedule. Fee = one-time $20 donation.

Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries
Houston, TX | +1 281 304-1500

Marriage counseling, marriage preparation, marriage retreats, workshops and seminars.

Counseling and Mediation Services
Cypress, Texas | +1 512 524-3804

Licensed therapist and mediator, Tanvi Patel provides services for couples in need of pre marital/commitment therapy, conflict resolution education, mediation for family conflicts during stressful ceremony planning processes and much more. Please call, email, text or visit my website today for more information.

Prepare/Enrich is a proven tool, developed to stimulate open dialogue between you and your partner on a variety of topics related to your relationship. Create a deeper, healthier relationship by investing time now learning essential tools utilized in successful marriages.

Access Wedding Pastor
Houston, TX | +1 713 461-9706

Reverend Ron Ramey will host a series of Marriage Enrichment Seminars. These seminars will be held at a Houston area hotel and will inspire and encourage couples in every area of their relationship.

Center for Marriage & Family Relationships
Bellaire, Texas | +1 713 409-8111

Damian Duplechain is a licensed therapist with decades experience helping couples of all spiritual paths realize a better quality of life. A noted marital therapist in Texas, he has also presented more than 125 IMAGO Couples Workshops helping hundreds of couples find the “codebook” to repairing and restoring their ...

The FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory is designed to help engaged couples appreciate their unique relationship, learn more about themselves, and discuss topics important to their lifelong marriage.

"Get It Right: Private Premarital Counseling Program" is a 10-session course designed to educate you on how to get your marriage off to a great start and to maintain the health of your marriage. Get $60 off of your marriage license! We specialize in relationships.

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