Gabe & Mia

On our way to "Eat, Drink, & be Married"...

Gabe popped the question on December 12, 2008 and that lead us to a year and a half engagement period. Thankfully, it has seemed like plenty of time to hash out a wedding planning plan of attack! So far the road to wedded bliss has been smooth and stress free. But, now as the date is getting closer we are starting to feel the butterflies!

Happy News via Snail Mail

Wedding invitations are stamped and in the mail! Be on the lookout for yours! Please RSVP by July 25th or else we will think that you are not going to make it! Call Mia or Gabe. Our phone numbers are provided for you in the invite! 34 days to go today!


We feel the love!

As the date draws nearer we are eternally grateful for our friends and family's loving support. We are totally (obvisously) new to this wedding thing so we appreciate everyone's help! Special shout out to the families offering their blessings from Catalunia. Thank you! Even though some cannot make it to the wedding in Oregon, the bride and groom are overjoyed and excited to get celebrate with you all in Spain soon! The bride can't wait to meet you! We have just over 40 more days to go and...


A Special Day at Work for the Bride

The bride has the most wonderful co-workers in the whole world! Mary Hoffman (Mia's boss) organized a lingerie shower for her to get her honeymoon ready! It was very fun and full of lace, ruffles, animal print,...and chocolate syrup. Thank you for the wonderful gifts ladies!


52 days to go! Holy Moly!

Wow, we've accomplished so much since our last post! Time for a recap. Pics of the May BBQ will be posted shortly. Thanks to all who dropped by for some grub! The website pages have been updated with all new information regarding wedding events and details. Check those out. Guests should expect formal invitations to arrive in July. Oh and heads up! We have a non-traditional way of RSVPing to our Wedding so be on the look out for those instructions on the invites. Thank you for helping us save...


The HoneyFund is working!

Thanks Gabe for getting our HoneyFund registry link up and running again! To see what we have planned for Barcelona & Mallorca head over to REGISTRIES and just click on the link. As you will be able to tell, we are just a bunch of foodies and tourists! And that's pretty much how we like to roll.


Fire up the Grill!

Woohoo! Our first wedding event is kicking off Saturday May 15th. Can't wait to have you all over for some Martinez "fine dining." Eating starts @ 2pm. See our WEDDING EVENTS for more info.


Where's the HoneyFund gone??

Thank you to everyone who's been visiting our site! We made it just for you guys! Gabe & I have noticed that the link to our HoneyFund registry is currently not in working order (sad face). But we'll get the IT department (meaning Gabe) to get the link up and running soon so you can see what we have planned for our honeymoon! Spain here we come!


Ladies in Black - more specifically matte jersey strapless!

Holly and the bridesmaids have decided on a dress for the wedding! Yay! The hunt is over. Got the little black dress that met my specifications and everyone's sizing. Hip, Simple, Mini, Black, not expensive, and makes all my wonderful ladies look amazing. Not bad! Can't thank the girls and Holly enough for working to find the dress together (it was a bit tougher to find than we all had imagined).


That Little Black Dress

Here's my criteria: Elegant yet trendy, black, not from a cookie cutter bridal boutique, priced economically (no need to break the bank over this!), and one my girlfriends can truly wear again and again. How is this search going? Still working on finding THE ONE. Although I'm sure we'll find something soon! Stay tuned and I may just surprise you with a posted picture of the chosen style! Shout outs to the Bridesmaids and their enthusiasm!!


Here comes the bride all dressed in white...

Well, we did it. Holly helped me find my wedding dress this past weekend! We spent two days hunting down the perfect gown and we found an AMAZING ivory silk satin dress by luxury designer Melissa Sweet.

Ever since Gabe & I got engaged over a year ago, I was always looking at the Melissa Sweet website, ads, and fashion shows thinking that I would love a dress from her! Her designs looked flawless and beautiful. But sadly, nobody in this economy has at least $4,000 to drop for a...