Gabe & Mia

Here comes the bride all dressed in white...

Well, we did it. Holly helped me find my wedding dress this past weekend! We spent two days hunting down the perfect gown and we found an AMAZING ivory silk satin dress by luxury designer Melissa Sweet. Ever since Gabe & I got engaged over a year ago, I was always looking at the Melissa Sweet website, ads, and fashion shows thinking that I would love a dress from her! Her designs looked flawless and beautiful. But sadly, nobody in this economy has at least $4,000 to drop for a gown! And it wasn't in the budget. So, I figured it didn't matter where the dress was from as long as it made me feel fabulous. First, Holly & I searched through the dress shops in the famous fashion district of LA. There you can find the hottest fashion pieces for almost nothing. But when all I could find were white versions of over-rhinestoned QuinceaƱera dresses (and some already falling apart) Holly made appointments for me at a bridal boutique in Santa Monica last minute. We ended up at a place called Monteclair Bridals on the trendy Montana Avenue with a very outspoken Persian saleswoman named Sherene. She was pretty cool and not pushy. Bridal boutiques are known for being snobby, pushy, and not very attentive to what YOU want. More like, what overpriced dress THEY want you to buy. After she had pulled several dresses off the rack that were in my budget and I had tried them on she thought of one more design that would be, in her words, "perfect" on me. I am so thankful that she thought of this dress because it was THE ONE. It was THE ONE. It's true. When you put on the dress that is meant for you, you know. When you see how great it makes you look you get butterflies. Then it hits you. You realize that you really are getting married! I was in this gorgeous dress and it was real. Once I got around to taking it off, Sherene pointed out to me that I was in that dress for 45 minutes. NO WAY MAN! And then she revealed that it was a Melissa Sweet design. NO WAY, FOR REAL?! I LOVE MELISSA SWEET'S DESIGNS!! The stars had aligned to give me a dress from a bridal designer I had been admiring for such a long time AND at well below retail price! Make that 70% off! That's my kind of bargain. Gabe can tell you that! Both Sherene & Holly advised me to try other dresses on the next day at other boutiques just to make sure that there was not another dress that I would like better. Another bridal boutique later plus an uninterested saleswoman was all it took to make me go back to purchase my Melissa Sweet wedding dress. So, one of the most nerve-racking parts of the wedding process is done. Alterations, accessory shopping, and shoe shopping will be a least that's what I hope. Right?

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