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Gary and Melissa's Wedding Blog

A place for folks to chat, comment, and ask more questions. We might post some stories or even updates on the wedding planning.

The Ever-Changing Pictures

:) You might have noticed the pictures on our homepage were changing regularly for a few days there. Some funny, others random strangers. Gary decided he didn't like the original picture we had and thought he would try out some other options (all after I gave him the password and he changed it so myself and Amy could no longer get into the website). It was quite funny.

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Virtual Wedding Shower

Virtual Wedding Shower for Gary and Melissa! Because Gary's and Melissa's loved ones live in so many different parts of the country, it seemed impossible to get everyone together in one place to throw them a wedding shower.  Therefore, we have decided to throw a virtual wedding shower!  We hope you will join us at this virtual shower to celebrate the happy couple. Here's how it will work.  On this blog we will post updates to the shower, such as stories anyone would like to...


Coordinating travel plans

The Save the Dates are out, invitations will be mailing soon, and we are finalizing a lot of details. :) We are also excited to be hearing from folks that rooms are being booked and travel plans are being made. Feel free to post comments here (I hope that feature is available) or in the guestbook if you would like to try to coordinate plans with others for arrivals, departures, who is staying where, if you are interested in sharing car rentals, need suggestions for things to do before or...

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