Gary and Megan Jeanine

Eloping: A Treatise

Or, "Why We Did It."

For several years we've talked about sharing our lives together, getting married and running across the world in search of adventure.

As you know, that adventure is about to be realized: We are moving to Hong Kong this fall. And somewhere along an I-95 road trip, we realized that we wanted to go on this journey as husband and wife.

Things quickly went from deciding to get married, to deciding to get married in a hurry. And [in the spirit of open and honest vows], we wanted to take advantage of the chance to immigrate to Hong Kong as a married couple.

As we drove through the North Carolina countryside, we spoke to our parents and siblings to ask for their blessings. We wanted to have an intimate ceremony that reflected the quiet love that we share, and, for us, that meant a simple elopement with a handful of witnesses. We wanted to be able to be present in the moment, with each other, as we entered into a life as husband and wife. And standing together on the High Line in NYC on July 24th, listening to the whirl of traffic and the wind off the Hudson River at sunset, we found that peaceful moment in which to be joined together.

[And, we must admit, it was fantastic to bypass the wedding planning and get straight to the good stuff. But that's for our next treatise: Why You Should Elope, Too.]

It was, however, excruciating not to tell our incredible family and friends that we were making this leap. [A Clements cousin called it a black ops event.] We hope that you understand why we chose to keep that moment of union private. We love and value you all deeply, and cannot wait to celebrate our new lives together with you. And we know that we will need your support and guidance as we move through life's ventures.

While we started this endeavour with a practical catalyst, we share an immense love and partnership. Honoring that partnership through marriage has been an incredible source of support and joy for us. We are thrilled to be married and in the throws of newlywed bliss.

And we are even more thrilled to celebrate that bliss with all of you -- we're no fools, we wanted to skip the big wedding, not the big party.

So, cheers to elopements, to our new life together, and to honoring and celebrating our fabulous family and friends very soon,

Love, The Newlyweds,
Megan Jeanine Davis and Gary Kuan Bung Lin