Sarah and Adam

Our Story

Adam responded to a Craigslist post in Spring 2009.

Sarah was on the other end.

He was looking for an inexpensive room on Capitol Hill.

220 11th St. SE had one for rent.

Sarah told Adam to come over that night to meet the roommates at their open house.

Adam showed up.

So did Ashlea, the interesting, well-traveled, blonde-haired, blue eyed, South African lobbyist.

Guess who won?

Sarah wrote Adam a tasteful rejection e-mail.

Gracious in defeat, Adam shot back a wittily-worded “Nice to meet ya, thanks for the opportunity” note.

Presumably, that was that.

Later that week, when inviting friends to a “Welcome, New Roommate!” BBQ at the house, Sarah thought it would be nice to invite the guy they denied.

Adam accepted the invitation.

The BBQ ended around 11pm.

Adam and Bob showed up around midnight. The party restarted.

Adam cut his finger and got blood on the seat of his khakis. Sarah jumped into action with a Tide pen.

Love at first stain.

The next day, Adam asked Sarah out to a Nationals game.

She went. Chaos ensued.

Thanks to a leak in Adam’s organization, the story can be found here: (beginning half way down, “Finally, Reader Jamie sends in this first-date story...”)

Similar events took place throughout the Summer. More stains, more holes ripped, more fun times.

After a tumultuous evening at that dark, D.C. den of Latin devilry, Cafe Cintron, Sarah and Adam became an item.

Together they shared a Sox postseason, many hours with Special Olympics events & vents, and hatched future plans during the 2010 “Snowpocalypse” (which occurred after the “Snowmageddeon,” which had landed on top of “Snow-End-In-Sight”).

Summer approached and further intentions were relayed.

Sarah sniffed a ring.

Adam hatched the Clark Griswold-esque “Maine Summer Vacation Proposal Plan” and threw her off the scent. At times perhaps too well.

After assurances that bling was months away, Sarah believed she was just going for a Friday stroll on Scarborough’s Cliff Walk, and that her parents were at work in D.C.. Neither were the case.

On September 3, 2010 Adam dropped and popped the question. She accepted (after some surprise-induced name-calling. For more details see: Gillespie, John).

They celebrated at Flatbread on the Portland Waterfront and were joined by the Gillespies, who (to Sarah’s surprise) had decided to forego work on Friday and instead take a trip to Portland for some pizza and engagement celebrating.

Now the planning. An engagement, a ceremony, a party, a partnership, a future, and a lot of lurve.

That’s how our story begins.