Heather and Scott


If you have any other question's please contact us!

What should I wear?

The wedding will be outside in our backyard, so please avoid all floor length gowns and tuxedos!

What happens after the ceremony?

We'll be having a cocktail hour, or three, after the ceremony while the bridal party and families take photos in the near vicinity. We ask that you be at the reception venue by six!

Can I bring an extra person?

We're sorry, but we have limited space at our reception venue, a large family, and want to include as many people we love as possible, so it's not possible to bring uninvited guests. Children under 3 can accompany their parents to the reception, but unfortunately they will not be provided with a meal. Thanks for understanding.

What's the bar situation?

It will be open bar until a certain price point. Past that point it will be a cash bar. Hopefully we don't hit the limit until at least midnight! :)

What if it rains?!

If it rains, please come to Elmira anyway. We will have champagne and appetizers first, and wait for the rain to stop. If it's just not going away, we will head to Laurier for an indoor ceremony, but we are really hoping to avoid this!

I have special dietary needs, can I eat the dinner?

Absolutely, let us know if you're gluten free, vegetarian or have any other needs and we'll talk to the caterers.

Where can I park?

Please check the Wedding Events page for information on parking.