Hema & Ravi

Our Story

It has been 8 years since we first met, My life had taken a lot of curves & routes to meet her.

Finding the perfect match - By Hema

Finding the perfect match - By Hema

Every girls dream is to have a husband who always cares & loves her throughout her life. But for me, in my life it’s not a dream it’s a fact through him. Where I have taken, his life’s 8 whole years of time to tell him “Yes dear, I LOVE U”.

Ravi entered my life in 2001 during our Engineering course, and proposed to me on Feb 14th. Like any other girl I was not interested then and he dint get a positive reply from my end. After this he dint get me as a GF, but he was lucky enough not to lose a friend like me. then after without my knowledge slowly time had bought both of us together as very good friends who started sharing everything in life both happiness & sorrow. Problems & money between 2 friends always puts them in trouble or some sort of misunderstanding but with us it was very different. All these 8 years he never left any situation to overcome his love for me. He dealt me & my arrogance through only 1 weapon that’s LOVE.

I knew he had firmly decided that he will never give up in my case. After completion of engineering all friends bid farewell & they hardly meet as they become busy in their own life styles & profession. The same fear was there in me but no doubt there was some gap with us for a very short period. Both of us got our jobs & became busy in them. The story dint end here & he still dint give up, his all weekends was dedicated to me, after a whole workweek’s busy schedule. All weekdays we use to work with 1 or 2 calls per day & all weekends’ we did hell lot of shopping, eating & roaming. In spite of these things i never uttered the word which he always wanted to listen from me. Another 1 year passed us but no progress nor promotion to him from friend to lover.

His prayers to god had starting working; my house which was 5 km from his house had got shifted to a walk able distance from his house. There was no improvement still in our relationship. Another year passed just like nothing and this time i had shifted my house very far from his place, but somewhere near to his office. All our weekend meetings had now come to monthly meetings because our homes were far but calls became regular. But there was changes happening, my family had started thinking about my marriage & proposals started flowing in. I had 5-6 proposals but without my knowledge i had rejected them. Still i was not able to make out the LOVE for him in my heart even though it was beating for him.

Year 2009 June I reported in Hyderabad for a Lanco company. Now two friends were in 2 different states. I know he had given up at this time thinking we shall never come together. But 2 people in my life made me understand that Ravi was not only my friend but he was someone whom i was loving all these years but never gave a proper word for our relationship. Lakshmi & Hema were really fed up of me listening to same stories & talk about the same person all day. They helped me to really feel & express the feelings i had hidden. In other words they helped Ravi to get a promotion in my life. I was waiting for him to propose me again but he never did. One fine day before he left to US in July 2009 he again proposed me and stated he will never have any other girl in his life except me. Love finally blossomed in our lives when i was in Hyderabad & he was in US. There are days were i have got scolding s from Kalaiselvi & Divya for taking such a long time to accept his proposal.

Dec 2009 both families had decided to accept our LOVE & on MAY16th our Engagement was celebrated & on August 22nd our marriage date has fixed.
Finally my love never gave up his LOVE and i always hear him saying “HEMA U R MY ACHIEVEMENT”.

Marriages are made in Heaven

Thy Love starts on Earth
Marriages are made in Heaven

I have heard a lot of stories of love, romance, Adventure & fantasy. But nothing started until I met her. We Guys have a lot of things in mind and lot of points to check when we choose our partner, But remember my Brothers & friends we are destined to find our partner in this world, You would never know when u will fall in love or whether its infatuation or real love. Time & Nature would bring the matches together. I always kept my love for her in my heart even when she was my friend, Because I knew that real love never fails whether it’s God’s love for u or a Man’s love towards his woman.

I met Hema in 2001, we were friends or just colleagues at that point of time, It all began in the year 2003, Our Electrical batch was a small one, we all used to go out for movies, hotel or just hangout at one of our friend's place regularly. My Dad bought a new Bike which also added up in my sleeve. I always used to reserve the pillion seat for Hema. Hema was always fascinated or excited when she saw stuffed toys,She was a die hard shopper & she liked shopping for Gold ornaments & clothes most of the times. She used to observe a lot of things & gave complete attention to detail while shopping. She also loved food, this was my best chance & I used to take her to some of the finest dining places in Bangalore. At that time it began as a infatuation, on Jan 1st 2004 I visited her home for the first time & met her family. Things changed at that moment, she was a different person at that situation, she was a person who had come up fighting a lot of hardship & support for her was minimal. Behind the smile of her in college there was a lot of pain that she went through at her home. I wanted to understand her now & know her better. I really appreciated her & also her mom who bought up Hema with a lot of struggle. My heart started to slide towards her as she was my first crush, we met everyday & on weekends as our homes were just 5km apart & also I had a Bike. we used to spend a lot of time & I started loving her more than ever. The most foolish thing I did was I proposed her on Feb 14th, I am pretty sure she felt bad at that time, I wanted to make up for it by just being her good friend. Hema was more than happy to be my friend and we still continued the good relationship. My heart never stopped loving her & I used to nourish it with thoughts & moments spent with Hema. My prayers were answered in 2009 when she accepted my proposal and from there on, I never stopped believing that anything is possible in life.